3 Best Places to Backpack in South East Asia  

There is something empowering about taking on the world with just you and your backpack. I’ve been traveling for over 10 years now, and it’s more addictive than anything else I’ve tried. The life of a backpacker is free of an itinerary or a fancy hotel. There is the trip you take to catch the world at its natural best. Here is a list of must-visit places, also recommended by every top traveller blog.

  • Gilli Island, Indonesia

A short scenic ferry ride from Bali, this is a must-visit spot for ocean lovers. It’s located on the north-western, by the coast of Lombok. Gilli Island is quiet and free of the noises of the city. If adventure is on your mind, you will surely love this place. Loaded with opportunities for Snorkeling and diving, the clear blue waters at Gili Meno also make it worth the dive. It is recommended to avoid this island in the monsoons unless you think that is an adventure by itself.  When it comes to South East Asia backpacking, place your blind faith on Gilli Islands.  


  • Ha Long Bay, Vietnam 

So scenic, you will feel like you are in paradise. Ha Long Bay is a one-of-a-kind destination for all travellers. About 170kms from the city of Hanoi, it’s a 4 hours bus ride. The bay is a collection of over 1500 small islands. A view of them will give you the feeling that it is right out a fantasy novel. These small islands are made up of limestone and sprinkled with plantations all over. The bay has many indigenous species to spot. 

Taking a dip in the Halong bay is said to be one of the best experiences you will have in your life. I went here on the recommendation of a traveller blog that said it is best to visit around August. There are some special colors you can see in the air with the onset of fall. A 4-5 days trip here is more than enough to absorb the essence of it all.  

  • Krong Siem Reap, Cambodia 

No South East Asia backpacking trip is complete without Siem Reap on your list. The most popular temples of Cambodia are all present here. Make sure you give yourself about 4 days in this beautiful town to take it all in. The historic significance apart, this temple town has some of the best architecture you will in your lifetime. 

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