A Great Journey to Cabo San Lucas

Contrary to what happens in other Mexican tourist destinations, where the high season is during the summer, in Cabo San Lucas, the high season is between the months of October to May, since the weather is ideal for the coming American tourist running away from frost, but at the same time allows him to be near the border.

The Essential Documents

You must use a passport if you have one. US citizens or those who reside legally and permanently in our country can often cross the United States-Mexico border without problems or delays. A birth certificate may be used, but it must be a certified copy of the original. You must present upon arrival and departure, a Mexican Tourist Letter previously filled out. Sign the back of both the blue and red copies and present them to your airline representative while registering to validate your flight. You will be required to present both the Mexican Tourist Charter and your travel documents upon arrival in Los Cabos.

What You Can Do There:

  • During the months of December to March it is the whale watching season, it is a spectacle of nature without equal in the world, if you have the opportunity to travel on these dates, it is worth the experience.
  • When you are shopping, ask the store if it has the shipping option included in your country or place of origin. Many times it may be more comfortable to ask for the piece to be sent to you by parcels than to bring extra luggage, in addition to the risk that the airline charges you for exceeding the allowed weight.
  • In winter during the day the weather is mild, but at night you can feel some cold, carry in your luggage some jacket or sweater
  • If you plan to make visits in the surroundings, the best option is to rent a car, since taxis are expensive.
  • A visit to Los Arcos in San José del Cabo is essential and you can also visit the famous Playa del Amor.
  • If you are looking for calm and solitary beaches, visit Chileno Bay or Santa María, there are virgin beaches ideal for exploring or resting. The You can rent a sailboat with skipper in Cabo San Lucas and come up with the best options for the same. With your friends or family or alone, this journey will be the best for you.
  • They say that the most typical thing you can try in Cabo San Lucas, are the machaca burritos, but we also recommend the meat specials in their juice.
  • Prices are usually shown in pesos and dollars, but as much as possible, you better pay in Mexican pesos, since the exchange rate and its small differences will ultimately make everything cheaper.

It is good to get to Cabo San Lucas with an all-inclusive hotel, but give yourself the opportunity to explore the restaurants located in front of the sea, you will get pleasant surprises and you may not even want to eat at the hotel.

Along with sailing If you are looking for a place to practice surfing, visit the Acapulquito area, it is a place for newbies or those who prefer calm waves.

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