Bangkok’s Chinatown

Chinatown is the Chinatown of Bangkok, a place where the Chinese community makes life in the capital of Thailand, located on Yaowarat Road.  The delicious aromas of its street stalls and the bustle of its shops and markets make the place a vibrant and lively area that is worth visiting.

How To Get To Chinatown

In Thailand, when people go to bangkok chinatown food tour, they say they go to Yaowarad. If we talk about the entire Chinatown area in Bangkok, these are many roads.

It is usually difficult to get to Yaowarad Road. However, you can use public transport. The station you can take to get around is Wat Mungkorn Station (blue line), which is officially open since September 29, 2019. Currently, you can go to the MRT Hua Lampong, which is where the nearest station is located. From there you can take a tuk-tuk or taxi from there to the Chinatown, although you could also walk to that place on foot.

What To See And Do In Chinatown

The main attraction is its temples especially in a festival season where the neighborhood is dressed in colors and forms prints worthy of postcards, a good example of this is during the Chinese New Year Bangkok or the Vegetarian Festival, in addition, it also has markets that you can go through between dozens and dozens of positions.

 Street Food

One of the main reasons to visit the Chinatown of Bangkok is without a doubt its food; the Chinese cuisine is unique in this district of Bangkok, shark or bird soups, fresh seafood and lots of restaurants where you can taste dozens of dishes, at dusk This area becomes a hotbed of people wanting to try the delights of the area, you will find tasty and fresh dishes in most corners of Yaowarat at a great price.

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