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Balearic Islands are the most popular and exciting destination for any traveler, whether you are a novice, a beginner, or an experienced sailor. The archipelago of islands is located in the Mediterranean, to the East of Spain, and consists of four major islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera. Their beautiful landscapes and comfortable tourism and attractions in Spain marinas are open to host any rented or personal yachts, and attract a great number of travelers from around the world.

You can rent a boat in Barcelona, sail all the way to the Balearic Islands, and then spend your time visiting the islands and cruising along the scenic coastline. If, however, boat rental prices in Barcelona happen to be too high, or you just couldn’t find the right boat, fly straight to Mallorca and rent a boat there. Flying from Barcelona to Mallorca with Ryanair can cost just about 19 euros, and boat charter prices in Mallorca tend to be lower than in Barcelona, so it may be just beneficial to take that route. 

Which yacht would work well for traveling around the Balearic Islands?

There are a number of yacht charters in Mallorca that can provide you with a boat. In Clouds Sailing can advise you on the most suitable boat and help you book the best deal available, so that your time sailing would be enjoyable.

Checkout Oceanis 38.1, for example. It can hold up to six people, and you can plan an exciting trip for your entire family, or bring friends. Pay attention to special offers and discounts. Free cleaning, for example, can save you up to 150 euros per charter. And with some deals brand new boats can be rented with a 30-40% discount, if booked in advance.   

Hire a skipper or sail yourself, and no worries if you are still polishing your sailing skills! The archipelago offers numerous routes to choose from. Pick either a challenging route to expand your skill set, or an easy one with short transitions, which will allow you to have enough time for a relaxing getaway. 

What can your trip look like?

Mallorca is considered one of the world’s best island and is a wonderful place to start your trip. Marinas are situated close to the capital of the island, Palma-de-Mallorca. The island itself is filled with historic sites such as Roman and Moorish remains, Moorish Almudiana royal palace, Santa Maria Cathedral built in the 13th century, and many others. The landscape captivates with its white sand beaches, limestone mountains, and the bluest sea you have ever seen. Spend the night on the boat in a yacht club and spend the day traveling to Ibiza.

The Island of Ibiza is popular for its diverse and vigorous nightlife, offering a variety of nightclubs with famous DJs and entertainment. Do not be surprised if you see a Hollywood star down there. Its infrastructure is well developed, with resorts, beaches, and clubs that attract famous people from around the world.

However, if you’ve partied enough and are willing to take some time away from the noise, sail to Formentera, a smaller and cozy island that will welcome you with its serene and picturesque views of turquoise sea, pine trees, and dunes. Clear water and long beaches will create a relaxing atmosphere you were wishing for. 

Formentera has a souvenir market with unique merchandise in case you suddenly remember that you need to bring gifts for your family and friends from the trip. The island might also be a good fit for a family vacation. Kids will enjoy swimming and snorkeling or just bathing in a sun. Local restaurants will serve you traditional food that is now famous to the world, such as Peix sec (dried fish), herbal liquor, liquid salt, and local cheese. 

Whether you are looking for an exciting entertainment or a healing quiet, Bolearic Islands have it all! 

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