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Japan is one of the economically leading countries on the global platform., the elongated archipelago has thousands of active volcanic islands floating in the Pacific Ocean. The climatic conditions and landscapes vary, but the cultural traditions, customs, and ways of people are common throughout the country. It is time to know the most exciting and interesting things to do japan that will make the trip memorable. Climbing Mount Fuji is one of the most exciting adventures. Enjoying the breathtaking view s from the Shin-Fuji station or from the top point of Chureito Pagoda is a lifetime experience.

Cherry blossom festival

The traditional Hanami festival or the Cherry Blossom festival is the chief attraction of tourists visiting Japan in the spring season. The Ume and the Sakura flowers bloom all across the island. The gardens of Japan transform into an enchanting place. The beautiful scenery will fascinate you, and the cherry trees create an unimaginably beautiful ambiance where the delicate pink flowers cannot stop fascinating you. If you visit the Honshu region of Japan, especially during the months of March and April, you will get teg best view of the cherry blossoms. So plan accordingly for the best trip ever. 

Castles everywhere

Here and there, you will find the majestic castles depicting some of the finest architectural works of the 17th century. You can explore the Nijo Palace to get the Edo period’s true flavor and the sheer sense of art. This is the only palace that stands on the ground level. There are charming gardens covering the castle grounds and sturdy stone walls surrounding the palace. The main palace contains decorations using the tatami mats that lie on the floor. Colorful paintings adorn the entrance, ceiling, and walls. You will appreciate the beauty of the place every moment of your trip to Japan. 

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