Must Try out Fascinating Spots of Mexico and Cuba if You Truly Exist on Earth!

Mexico and Cuba are the most rewarding destinations and treasure of places that one has to visit on earth. If you are in love with perfect places for scenic background and taking umpteen photos back at home then don’t forget to try out this amazing spot, some of them are as follows:

  1. Chilaquiles: This traditional style of dish are constantly hit and favorites of every tourist coming here to explore. The ingredients are fried corn tortillas, cheese, scrambled egg and meat. Usually in Mexico they are being served as breakfast. The recipes out here do have a unique kind of gastronomy. Mexico vacation packages are perfect to sign up and get life changing holiday experiences.
  2. Enchiladas: This is one of the twisting and famous dishes since Mayan times. The corn flour tortillas are available in lot of filling varieties. They are often served with chili sauce.
  3. Cuba: Bigger to everyone’s expectation, this place goes beyond imagination. In Cuba Holidays you get an enchanting experience of going into tobacco field and coffee plantations.  The locals show up their amazing hospitality and get you amazing cigars out here.
  4. Scuba diving in Caribbean: The place stands out amazing for snorkeling and Scuba diving lovers. You could even try out the amazing trip to Varadero.
  5. Chat with the locals of Cuba: The locals are truly amazing and they love to share out even the minutest details of Cuba. It is good to know about the different cultures and religious beliefs.
  6. Explore the streets of Santiago de Cuba: Considered to be the largest city in Cuba. The afro-Caribbean culture is surely worth of your attention. There are various scenic spots that will ensure that you take on amazing photograph and create lot of memories while returning back home.
  7. Old Havana: If you are perfect lover of food and music then this place is worthy of your attention.  The giant menus are perfect reason to increase your appetite and try on something new.
  8. Explore the old car tours in Havana: If trying out something distinctive is in your mind cards then this thing is worth try. You can hire pink and red convertible and go spellbound with iconic photos. The secret part is that they could be sometimes very cheap and feasible in prices.
  9. Try out the unique flavors of Coffee: The glorious history states that Cuba is very famous for its rich coffee plantation and unique flavors. In just few cents you can get expresso and other varieties of Coffee. It is worth for every visitor to try out the most awesome dark black color coffee.

Right from the active nightlife to best ever natural spots, there are endless varieties available out here. In order to get a relishing experience of holidays, don’t forget to sign up your tours from reputed tour operators only and grab the best deals of holiday.

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