Perfect Car Umbrella and Camping Tent

Amidst the busy schedules and draining activities, there is a need to bond with family with family camp trips. Having family and friends around you is a good stress repellent. The car umbrella is a very portable device that can double as a car sunshade tent (เต็นท์บังแดดรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai) and also serves as a car sun visor.  

Why Do I Need A Car Umbrella And Camping Tent

Necessities for a Perfect Trip

The flexibility of schedule is a significant factor to consider in planning a camping trip. Be sure to have chosen a good camping site and leave early to have some light to set up camp. Do a general check and servicing of your vehicle, and do not forget to top up fuel. Double-check on your packed items (clothes, sunscreen, first aid, sleep bag, navigation tools, sanitizers, personal items, and necessary camp items), as you are likely to find no stores in such trips.

For Entertainment
Planning camping trips with the family increases bonding. With little or no distraction from the internet and mobile phones, you will opt for the traditional bonding systems like playing games (Ludo, monopoly, cards, and board games like chess). Also, you plan the activities to allow all family members to participate. Other events like football, volleyball, cricket, rock climbing, and hiking are still refreshing and promote team spirit. Do not forget to go with binoculars to have a more unobstructed view of nature’s beauty, and a camera to capture moments.

Camping Tent

The camp tent is an essential need for any camping activity. The tent is the shelter for all campers. In choosing a camp tent, you will see various products and styles. You will be saving money, space and be ensured of the safety of your car as well if you settle for an affordable car umbrella price (ราคาร่มรถยนต์, which is the term in Thai) which doubles as a camping tent. The addition of a USB port covers your electrical needs as it can power your LED lights and gadgets. By installing colorful led lights, you can transform the look of the evening and enjoy a pleasant evening.

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