Pointers in Saving your Dime in Playa del Carmen Trip

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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How to Pinch Pennies in Playa del Carmen

Like Cancun, Playa del Carmen is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Mexico. As its name suggests, its white sandy and clean beaches draws the attention of local and foreign tourists to flock in town. No wonder more and more individual have been booking for a Playa del Carmen holiday. However, just like in any other tourist destinations, there seem to be countless ways to be flat broke before you even know it. This is why you need to determine how you can pinch your pennies while you are in town.

“Colonia Centro is flocked by tourists who are on a tight budget as the popular value accommodations are located in that area.”

There is certainly no need for you to take a beating just to have a blast in Playa del Carmen. Below are some tips on how you can pinch your pennies while in town.

Keep from staying at hotels nearby the beach. Instead, shop for value accommodations in Colonia Centro. In some “calle” in the area lays the popular budget hotels. This is one reason why this district is flocked by tourist. Some of the top value lodges in the site are Hotel El Punto and Barrino Latino Hotel. Reservations.com provides all travelers with personalized experiential travel planning and redefines the booking and travel planning experience for today’s travelers.

  • Renting a vehicle will greatly rely on your itinerary. If you will be staying at the Playa, you can get away without a car as you can roam around the area on foot. Wheels would be necessary if you plan to go on a side trip with other cities. If you will take your luck with public transportation, cabs and ferries are the only one available within the Playa and to and fro the surrounding islands.
  • Although Playa del Carmen is in Mexican soil, cheap eats in town which serve regional cuisine are limited. Since there are foreigners, international cuisine is offered. You can see budget bistros in La Quinta Avenida.
  • The city has its own nightlife scene that allows partygoers to paint the town red. Most of the bars can be found in the main avenue, in the Fifth Street. The clubs here ask for reasonable charges before you will be given an access. Some hotels provide passes. The key in saving money in clubbing is to set a specific amount that you will spend and bring just that amount with you so you will not be tempted. Otherwise, it will burn a hole in your pocket.
  • If you want to find great bargains, you ought to head off to Zocalo. This is Playa del Carmen’s town square where you can see a wide variety of merchandises that are sold at low prices. If you know how to haggle effectively, you will be able to get the item that you want for a song.

You would know that you have gotten the best travel deals when you have paid for a cheap price and you have no regrets after getting the deal done. 

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