Saving animals is our responsibility:

Humans are continuously destroying the habitat of animals. We are also killing and hunting animals for short term gains. Some people only kill animals because they like to hunt animals. We are also disturbing the natural habitat of the animals. We are destroying forests at a rapid rate. The developing countries have an increasing population. In order to accommodate more people, more space is needed. Thus, humans are destroying forests instead of controlling the population. The wood is obtained by trees for making different types of things, but we also forget that trees provide us with oxygen and trees also help to keep the temperature under control. Thus, it is our responsibility to protect the natural habitat. It will be beneficial for both humans and animals. The selfishness of humans has destroyed the lives and families of animals. We have built many zoos where we keep wild animals only for our fun. These animals are not provided with proper food and living environment.

Thai people are taking steps to protect their national animal:

Elephants have a deep connection with the culture of Thailand. It is also noticed that to depict the history and traditions of Thailand, elephants are used as a symbol. The elephant is actually a stolid creature that is widely used for transportation. The villagers of Thailand capture the small elephants from the forest. Then, they train these elephants so that these could be used for transportation. The number of elephants in Thailand is continuously decreasing, and steps are needed to be taken. The elephant jungle sanctuary provides natural habitat to the elephants in order to increase their number. Proper care is provided for the better life of these elephants, and they are provided with a natural environment to interact. Humans are also welcomed to these places in order to raise awareness. 

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