Secrets to a Memorable Bali Cruise Trip

Bali is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world. It holds the promise of once in a lifetime adventures and experiences that is unparalleled. One of the most sort-after adventures is the day and night cruises. Nothings says vacation better than Bali Cruise Tour. They offer you the opportunity to visit choice destinations using our state-of-the-art vessels. These are:

I. The Ultimate Luxury Cruise

This magnificent cruiser holds luxury cabins that can comfortably accommodate eighteen guests. This means that it is favorable for large groups, private events, weddings and honeymoons. The cabins hold en-suite bathrooms, air conditioning and handcrafted furnishings. They speak of Ayana’s mantra which is luxury at its best. The Ayana Lako Di’a can be chartered for private use in the case of weddings, honeymoons and corporate events.

II. The Perfect Getaway Cruise

The fly bridge cruiser that is also available for private hire is suited for both day and night trips. It has a cabin which favors night travelers. The VIP lounge comes in handy especially when entertaining friends whereas the dining section provides comfortable room for socializing. Its fore deck provides a wonderful view of the surrounding while also being favorable for sunbathing. Ayana Lako Cama is best suited for couples since the cabin can hold two people, providing privacy and comfort.

III. The Unique Blue Whale Cruise

This cruiser is shaped like a blue whale and is ideal for day trips. It is modified with a glass bottom which offers a first class view at the beautiful corals and its inhabitant. It is big enough to host up to thirty guests. For those afraid of a little dip in the water, the Ayana Lako  Tako is just what you need. Enjoy the beauty that lies under the water without getting water on you!

With these impeccable vessels from Ayana, a Bali cruise tour will make your adventures all the more memorable. The following activities are bound to make your trips unforgettable:

1.    Dance with The Dragons

Komodo National Park is located on an island. It is home to over four thousand Komodo dragons. These dragons live around the water surrounded by sea grass beds, mangrove shrub lands and coral reefs that are suitable for diving. A trip around the park will provide firsthand experience with the rare species.

2.    Learn to Fish as You Dive

Labuan Bajo is a renowned fishing village. It gives you experiences such as fishing with the locals, scuba diving and discovering marine life. This town is sunny all year round making it the perfect destination for cruising.

3.    Enjoy a Batty Sunset

There are many islands around Bali making island hopping the perfect activity. Aboard Ayana’s luxurious cruise boats, you are guaranteed a trip you will never forget. Experience variety as you explore an endless view of various islands and animals. Bat Island offers magical sunsets as you catch thousands of bats leave their caves at night to hunt in the neighboring islands.

4.    The Perfect Romantic Spot

The Pink Beach is comprised of billions of red and white crystals that give the beach a pink hue. It is considered the most romantic beach in the world therefore being the best spot for proposals and weddings. The beaches also offer you a chance to swim and dive in the aquamarine water, making your experience one you will never forget.

5.    Enjoy an Underwater Swim

One of the most iconic sites is the Sangko Cave. For a lazy swim and float, the Sangko cave provides the perfect spot with its clear water which turns turquoise when hit by sunlight. What better way to show your romantic side?

6.    Wild and Free with the Dolphins

Flores Island is home to wild dolphins. Being their natural habitat, they swim freely in the water.  Dolphins are intelligent animals giving you a splendid view of their majesty and grace.

Final Remarks

Ayana is an undisputed luxury expert that guarantees your life changing experiences. Pick one of the cruises for that holiday you have always dreamed about and make it a reality. With the various packages available, Ayana will suite all your needs.

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