Tips for the perfect bachelorette party in Toronto at affordable prices

There is no question about it: the farewell to the bachelor life must of course be celebrated appropriately. The end of a bachelor’s life was already celebrated in ancient Greece. Traditionally, it is about preparing the bride and groom separately for the marriage ceremony. Today, more and more bridal couples are thinking out of the box to celebrate bachelor party.

Most of them avoid traditional ways, and accept modern platform to make the day remarkable. Going to a pub, a friendly weekend, going to the disco, are all old-fashioned now. In this case, hiring Toronto Party Bus for organizing a bachelor party plays the major role. Here we have summarized the most important tips so that you as best man can organize the party perfectly.

The maid of honor is the boss and decides

In the age of WhatsApp groups, mailing lists and the like, the temptation is great to include all guests in the planning. But save yourself the stress of discussing every little thing with all participants.

Ideas must please the bridal couple

Embarrassing games, nasty tasks or activities that the guests tend to like: the bride and groom may find it difficult. After all, the unique bachelor party should also be unforgettable in a beautiful way. A good start to the day is also an advantage.

Pay attention to the right timing

Do you feel the hangover? Please do not. The day before the wedding is taboo for the bachelorette party. It is better to check about two/three weeks in advance that the bride and groom have no important appointments and coordinate the date with both of them.

Discuss the guest list with the bride and groom

The bride and groom should decide for themselves who should be at the bachelorette party. Colleagues you don’t want to drink and party in front of, or old school friends with whom you don’t have anything in common must be avoided. Also make sure that there are not too many people, this harms the group dynamics.

Bachelorette party games

So that the guests don’t get bored under any circumstances, everyone should be involved at all times. So think about interesting stag games and funny tasks in which not only the bride and groom are in action, but also the whole group is fully involved. Most of the time you will remember the fun games for years, so you should be well prepared for them.

Share the stag party costs among the guests

The entire day is free for the main person. That’s why all costs should be shared among the guests so that you don’t have to sit on it alone. It is best to calculate as precisely as possible in advance so that there are no “nasty” surprises and you also know exactly which spontaneous activities you have to shout “Stop!” It is better to collect a little more money in advance, because everything that is left can be handed over to the bride and groom at the wedding. A good motto makes planning easier and provides that certain something for the hen party.

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