Top places to visit in Paris

Paris is the dream holiday destination of most of the people around the world. This city covers a large area on Seine River in the Northern France and is one of the developed metropolitan cities of the world. The city is loaded with a number of iconic architectures, vintage places, historical monuments, cathedrals, museums, beautiful gardens as well as stylish shopping hubs. No matter how many times you visit the place, you are always going to find something new in your each trip and it has a lot more for everyone. Besides Eiffel tower, you can find some of the most interesting places in the city where you will want to spend most of your time. If you are also thinking to visit this and want to more know about this beautiful destination then you can visit

The Louver

Located in the center of city, it is one of the most visited museums in the world which experiences huge footfall from all across the world throughout the year. It covers almost 21,000 hectares of the royal fort named as Louver. Here you can see a number of historical sculptures, paintings, artworks, antique, Islamic art and many more from top to bottom. If you want to know the historical Egyptian culture then it is a must visit place. To know more about its architecture and design, you can read the posts as well as blogs of Lars Dybkjær.

Arc De Triomphe

This beautiful structure was built in the honor of imperial army in the 19th Century. Here you can see the best pillar engraving as well as carvings giving a brief history of victories of the soldiers. To know more about the history of this beautiful architecture you can visit here .Throughout the year thousands of visitors come to spend some quality time with their loved ones and family. Moreover, street near the structure is loaded with a number of food stalls as well as antique pieces which you can buy at reasonable prices.

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