10 Magnificent Facts you should know about Israel

Israel may be a small country but when it comes to culture, history, landscape, and diversity, Israel has lots of opportunities across the nation. The story of the modern state is merely 70 years old, but its roots began thousands of years ago. While you travel from one place to another in Israel, you discover layers of history through archaeological sites, fortresses, ruins of ancient times, and religious sites. The land has deep significance for Jews and Christians.

So, if you are wondering what Israel has to offer to the world, Here, are some of the magnificent facts about Israel.

Israel is a land of intelligence and wisdom. It has more Nobel prizes per capita than any other country in the world.

People here have been using renewable energy for a long time now. Almost 93% of people use solar energy to heat water, the highest percentage in the world.

The country also has the highest number of museums per capita in the world.

It was the first country to ban skinny models on the ramp.

Its currency has braille markings on them.

The technologies like smartphones, voicemail, and antivirus were created in Israel.

It has one of the smallest subway systems in the world in Haifa with only a 1.8-km track.

Israel has revived an unspoken language Hebrew. They added new words for modern needs like TV, smartphone, etc. and establish it as a national language.

Israel has so many religious and holy sites throughout the country than any other nation in the world. It is the land where Jesus was born, walked on the shores, and was buried. It is the land of the tomb of King David, and the tomb of Machpelah where three prophets – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are buried along with their wives.

It has also the house of the lowest point on the Earth – the Dead Sea, where no one can sink because of the high-concentration of the salt.

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