No doubt, museums deserve a magnificent place to visit as they recharge if you visit any country. Without visiting museums your travel would not be complete, so you should spend some in travelling. However, choosing a holiday spot, Cairo in Egypt is the perfect idea as this city of Egypt is fully rich in history, local culture, food, wildlife, shopping and so many fantastic activities that you can get in just one place while making it an ideal place to visit.

Similarly, museums can complete the travelling no matter which country you go to. So, visit the Egypt museum why not? Egyptian museum keeps a huge capability that holds over one hundred thousand artifacts from antique Egypt. They are sarcophagi, jewelry, pottery and more that will give a learning finish to your vacation while making your holidays extra exciting as well. The most important part is that this blog covers all the best museums in Cairo, Egypt for your ease.

1- Museum of Egyptian Antiquities Cairo

Museum of Egyptian Antiquities Cairo Museum is one of the well-known museums that own historical ancient things that make this museum the top choice for everyone to visit Cairo in Egypt. This museum keeps a vast collection of primaeval Egyptian antiquities. This Egyptian Museum in Cairo holds more than one hundred and twenty thousand artifacts as well as while fillings of Tutankhamen’s tomb and a maximum of the mummies that were revealed in the nineteenth century. Its displays span from the foundation of the historic kingdom of earliest Egypt almost two thousand seven hundred BC at the roman retros. This museum is the right visit for anyone but especially for history enthusiasts and is a position in downtown Cairo. Significantly, you can book the best hotels, apartments, hostels, resorts, homes and many more at a mini rate with the code.

2- National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

When it comes to exploring the old culture and lifestyle of the Egyptian National Museum of Egyptian Civilization is one of the fittest options for everyone to go, especially history fanatics. It is one of the major museums in Egypt, situated in old Cairo. This museum possesses a decent collection of artefacts coming out of all ages of Egyptian civilization, beginning primaeval eras, by the pharaonic period so far. This museum is newly modernized, all exhibitions keep plainly detailed information to get. The total number of artefacts in this museum contains fifty thousand that showcase Egyptian development from ancient times to the current day.

3- Museum of Islamic Art

If you are looking for a religious museum to see the sights of Islamic heritage in Cairo Egypt, then the Museum of Islamic Art is the perfect museum for everyone. It is one of the leading museums globally, placed in old Cairo. This museum has a splendid collection of occasional cabinetmaking, including covering artefacts, metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, textile stuff of all ages, coming all over the Islamic world and more. It is one of the art museums that keep above one hundred thousand pieces of Islamic tradition that are coming out of Egypt while including different countries too like Arab and non-Arab.

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