Best Details for the Tours in Italy

You can also save a lot on your accommodation in Italy. The first tip is to book well in advance because it makes a lot of difference and the best hotels with the best prices sell out very fast. The second tip if you really want to save money is to look for hotels that are not so downtown, because leaving a little of the tourist area of ​​cities, the value of hotels drops a lot. But we think the location in places like Rome, Venice and Milan are critical, and worth spending a little more to be better located and close to the sights. In the Tours of Italy this is an important matter.

A great tip for finding great hotels at great prices in the area you want and to save a lot on lodging is to use this Hotel Search Engineer in Italy. We always use it as it is the largest hotel booking site in the world and so is the best place to book with confidence and security. Not to mention that he has all the hotels of Rome, Venice, Florence, Italy and the world in his searches and unbeatable prices for the strong negotiation with the hotels.

We always make our reservations there so we don’t have problems and always save a lot. And has the opinion of Brazilians who have stayed in hotels, which helps a lot when evaluating each one. A great tip is when you search, then filter by “Neighbourhood” where you can select regions, as well as “Guest Ratings” and put “Very good up”. You will have a search for the best hotels in the best regions and with excellent guest ratings. It is the guarantee of excellent accommodation at the best price in Italy.

Cheap and free tours in Italy

Most of Italy’s tours and sights are free, and those that aren’t are cheap. Explore the squares and historic sites that are open to the public. Paid tours like the Coliseum, Roman Forum and the Vatican Museums, buy first over the internet which turns out to be a few euros cheaper and you don’t get queued on time. The gondola ride around Venice costs 80 euros for four people, so if you are as a couple or alone, tries sharing with another couple there on time. And you’re going to be walking around the cities a lot, so it’s always nice to bring water, snacks and cereal bars so you don’t have to shop all the time in restaurants and sights that are usually twice the priceand to save time, always try to go to the main sights as early as possible as it makes a lot of difference.

Saving a lot on car rental in Italy

Another tip that will save you a lot in Italy is car rental. Many Brazilians are renting a car so they can get to know Italy’s cities better, drive around Tuscany and enjoy the beautiful roads of the country. The first tip to save money is to book as early as possible over the Internet. The sooner you book, the cheaper you will pay. And since there are so many good companies, they do promotions all the time, so do a lot of searching to find the best price. There are some excellent car price comparators that do all this work for you, finding amazing prices. 

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