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The Japanese word Kawaii has become popular all across the globe within the past few years. The Japanese characters for the particular word usually imply “must love.” The English synonyms can be charming, pretty, cute, or lovely. The term can signify an object, a fashion choice, any facial expression, an action, and more. If you want to encounter the real Japanese kawaii culture, you should know about the popular anime characters. Some of them have even become the representatives of the ancient kawaii culture in the modern world. 

Various anime characters

Have you seen the Hello Kitty character, which represents an anthropomorphic kitten? You surely cant muss the red ribbon on her right-hand side of the head. Pokemon appears in all games and cartoons, while Totoro is the first character to come to your mind when you think of a Ghibli name. Doraemon is equally famous. A trip to Harajuku will help you to witness not only the abundance of Kawaii culture but also the fashion trends of Japan that can beat every fashion trend of the world. Grab some kawaii souvenirs from the shops of Tokyo. You will get an entire toy store where you can find a huge stock of kawaii merchandise. 

Sanrio Puro Land

Sanrio is the popular name that has designed the characters like Hello Kitty, Pompom Purin, and My melody. If you read the japan tours blogyou will come to know about their indoor theme park- Sanrio Puro Land, which contains all the characters that the company created. You can find some exclusive goods there too, and you can purchase them for gifting to the close ones. It is a paradise for you to travel with the kids, and they love the Sanrio characters. Most of the kids find this tour as the most exciting one in Japan. 

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