Visit Barcelona – indulge in beauty in the spires, hued waters, and musky breeze

Barcelona wears style on its sleeve; it is vibrant, colourful, with design in every structure. The city adorns beauty in versatility by the rhythms of the sea, encircling mountains, artistically made churches, gorgeous streets and diagonals for the pedestrians that give impressive views of the city. The city excels in art, food, the famous football and dazzles at night with music and fun. Explore the neighbourhoods in El Born and Horta which have a pleasant and friendly culture. The landmarks like Gothic District, Basilica de la Sagrada Familia, and La Rambla flaunt the stunning architecture and alluring vibes of the city. Visit the city with Cathay Pacific to feel the Mediterranean climate and soak up the sun in heavenly beaches. 

Best way to plan a day in Barcelona:

  Las Ramblas

 Enjoy a happening stroll in the bustling centre of the city. It is famous as it gives an overview of the city from different directions. It starts from the centre of the city through Plaça Catalunya in the north all the way to Drassanes station in the south. It is a hotspot for tourists as there are ample of shopping malls, dining hubs also an extravagant sight of performances by street artists.

The Gothic Quarter

Though the name is eerie the place is picturesque. The maze-like streets and alleyways which are quite narrow have architecture of the medieval. The place has abundant food joints that offer succulent dishes. The public squares excite and attract tourists with shopping stores entailing boutiques for men and women like Ingrid Munt, Lurdes BergadaSombrerería Mil and Obach, L’Arca, and more. These shopping stores bring aesthetic designs, unique flares, and prints with modest and muted colours to flashy colours.

  Basilica Sagrada Familia

The popular landmark in Barcelona is the unconventional architectural Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. The spires of the striking monument soar into the skies. This aesthetically designed church is a surreal Art Nouveau architecture. It is an illustrative ornamentally styled artwork with unique craftsmanship. The exteriors exhibit the life of Jesus in a lavish and extraordinarily iconic three facades- the Glory in the south, Nativity in the east, and Passion in the west. The huge and mesmerizingly beautiful church is spacious stretching 90 meters in length and 60 meters in height. The sparkling ceiling has intricate details, the gleaming sun rays transcend through the coloured glass windows. The three-dimensional technique enhances acoustics and light. 

The Beaches:

Barcelona is blessed with numerous beaches. The tourists take pleasure basking in the sun and enjoying the fresh waters. The beaches are famous for swimming, surfing, sunbathing and relaxing. The Barceloneta beach is most visited as it has a sophisticated ambiance and it hosts many bars and restaurants to munch after a refreshing water adventure. The Nova Mar Bella beach packs sports like kayaking, sailing, volleyball, Skate Park, etc. it also has a naturalist spot. The place has amenities like Kiosks, washrooms, eateries, and WIFI. A little further to the south is Garraf beach it is a hub for parties yet a secluded destination with golden-hued sand and includes harbour for boat sailing.

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