Bali, Oh! Bali. This place is not confined with the lovebirds and honeymooners but has gained attention and lured travelers from all over the world, and groups of friends, who want to spend time with nature, relax at the beach, witness the gorgeous sunsets and relish the local flavours. One of the most exotic vacation and trekking destinations of Indonesia, Bali offers adrenaline rushing activities as well as an opportunity to soothe your body, mind, and soul.

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  1. Sunset Colors

The most stunning view that Bali offers is that of the sunset. If you were to look at the images found on the internet, you will find no two same sunset pictures even if they were being clicked at the same place. That is the beauty of Bali.

  1. Local Pleasures

To get a hint of the local culture and art, Ajinkya and his wife were taken to Bali’s famous destinations: Ubud. The couple took a tour of an artisan village and discovered the local art and crafts. While some pieces got their way into their shopping bags, the other pieces were left to be admired. After a spiritual visit to the Goa Gajah Temple and the exploration of the scintillating Tegenungan Waterfall, the duo took a turn towards the coffee plantation in Kintamani, a lush and green village located on the western edge of Indonesia. This place is famous for its coffee plantation, fruit orchards, and spectacular rice terraces.

  1. Surf It Up!

Then, we headed out to the quaint, beautiful and not very commercial GunungPayung Beach after, and were dumbstruck at the view! It was a small beach, with calm white sand but the strongest waves. We have literally swept away and my wife lost her beloved sunglasses to the mighty sea! We were dead tired after being in the water the entire day, but could not resist paying one last visit to Nusa Dua Beach. The sunset was beautiful, as usual, and we left with a heavy heart but happy memories.

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