What to Know Before Travelling to Dubai

With no wonders, Dubai has always been a budget hotspot for global tours. Whatever happens, re-defines its worthiness to look at sophistication and luxuriousness. The awe-inspiring architecture, luxurious hotels & restaurants, lavish shopping malls, popular nightlife spots, etc., justify the greatness of this place. Yet, there are few things every Dubai traveler should keep in mind before stepping into the soils of Dubai – 

You don’t need to be a millionaire to plan a Dubai trip – 

Dubai is a land of Richie Rich people; however, if you are visiting Dubai on vacation, you do not need to be filthy rich. This makes it a great budget travelling spot across the blue planet. You can plan your stay at any of chain hotels here, move to and fro in taxis or cars, and try their utterly delicious street foods – all at extremely cheap rates. Some might be even low than what you pay in your hometown. 

Prefer modest dressings while visiting the public areas – 

Dubai, being a part of a Muslim nation, keeping a check on your dressing sense, is a prime requisite here. Do not go too simple; make sure that you dress modestly as much as it is possible for you. Whatever things you do in Dubai, respecting the local culture should be your top priority. 

Do mark your presence at the Burj Khalifa – 

The first attraction which pops up in anybody’s mind while planning on a Dubai itinerary is Burj Khalifa. This gorgeous giant measure more than 2700 feet making it The Tallest Towers in the World. Take your camera with you to capture some stunning bird-eye views of the city of Dubai from the topmost accessible observation deck of the Burj Khalifa. Also check out various camping options from hotels to primitive camping

The vibrancy of Dubai lies in its night pubs and bars – 

If you happen to visit Dubai somewhere in the mid of the week, reserve your Thursday or Friday night for some nightlife entertainment. Dubai is lined up with many bars, clubs, and late-night restaurants with live DJ and concerts. They do have something called Ladies Night, which is scheduled every Tuesday. So, if you are travelling with your gang of girls, do take note of this opportunity and enjoy the plethora of Dubai based drinks without spending a penny. 

Desert Safari is the heart of all Dubai tours –

Lastly, do not leave Dubai without experience the adventure for which it is well-known throughout the world. A desert safari is a great way to witness the massiveness of the Dubai desert. You need to hold on your grip and breathe tightly as the driver drives you through the sand dunes. 

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